“Once you adopt a value-investment strategy, any other investment behaviour starts to seem like gambling.”
—Seth Klarman

Executive Summary

Ironwood Capital Allocation Partners (Ironwood) is a value oriented hedge fund with an investing style inspired by Charlie Munger. Ironwood was founded by Nathan Reid in January of 2013 with the initial name of Bridge Reid Fund. Ironwood’s investment focus centers on small and micro-cap companies. Ironwood’s portfolio consists of long-term, high-rate compounding businesses, shorter term – undervalued businesses, and special situations.

Why Ironwood?

Ironwood combines Charlie Munger’s emphasis on high-quality, long-term compounders with undervalued small/microcap companies and special situations. Ironwood focuses more on the downside risk than the upside opportunity. Excessive leverage is a particular downside risk to avoid.

Disciplined investment process honed over five years that includes an extensive investment checklist.

Team and Organization

Nathan Reid, CPA, MBA began his career with Ernst & Young as an auditor. Mr. Reid left public accounting to be a successful principal financial and accounting officer for several private companies in a variety of industries. Mr. Reid founded and sold Southwest Realty and Property Management, LLC. Mr. Reid has also founded and managed three successful real estate investment partnerships utilizing value investing methodologies. Mr. Reid received his MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU.

Investment Strategy

Margin of Safety
Utilizing a “margin of safety” investment principle over the long-term reliably yields higher net appreciation over full market cycles.

Circle of Competence
Focus on industries within that circle of competence, or companies and industries that are learnable and not subject to rapid change.  We avoid certain industries altogether, e.g. pharmaceuticals.

Asymmetric Risk/Reward
Focused on positive risk/reward situations, where potential rewards are bigger than potential losses. Balance sheet investing is an important example of asymmetric investing where asset strength limits downside, and income growth provides significant upside.

Long-term Compounders
Identify companies and management teams likely to compound at a high rate for an extended period of time. We seek businesses with long-term tailwinds, and avoid businesses with long-term headwinds.

Extraordinary Management
We look for management teams that are focussed on long-term capital allocation to maximize shareholder compounding. We avoid management focussed on empire building.

Under the Radar
Utilize various resources to identify small/micro cap opportunities not available to larger funds.

Investment Philosophy

Ironwood combines Charlie Munger’s emphasis on high-quality, long-term compounders with undervalued small/microcap companies and special situations. Ironwood focuses more on the downside risk than the upside opportunity. Excessive leverage is a particular downside risk to avoid.

Compounders are companies virtually certain to be worth far more in the future. They are often managed by extraordinary management, “Outsiders.” They are more likely to be found on 52-week high lists, than 52-week
low lists.

Small/micro cap companies are more frequently undervalued than larger companies because of sparse analyst coverage and an inability of larger, sophisticated investors to own them. Ironwood seeks such under the radar opportunities trading at a significant discount to our estimate of intrinsic value.

Special situations take many forms. Ironwood focuses on special situations that are under the radar or where we have an information or perspective advantage.

Investment Process

Risk Mitigation

Risk = Permanent Loss of Capital. We mitigate risk by ensuring the portfolio companies have these attributes…

Margin of SafetyMarket price significantly less than intrinsic value.

Avoid excessive leverageMost likely cause of permanent loss of capital.

Companies certain to be worth more in the futureCan erase a mistake in calculating intrinsic value.

Circle of CompetenceAvoid certain industries altogether, and do not rely on others circle of competence.

Strong Management—Partner with shareholder friendly management, especially Outsiders.

Asymmetric Risk/RewardLimited downside, uncertain upside.

Use of basketsUseful for out of favor sector investing.

SizingWhen odds heavily in your favor, size accordingly.

Concentrated DiversificationDiversify within a concentrated portfolio.


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